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Privacy, Security, Encryption Every security savvy professional lives with the daily fear of the "never expiring password" being exposed. It's the unspoken taboo, the wide open back door in every corporate network. But no-one ever acknowledges it or discusses it. All applications have got pre-defined passwords that never change. Which means developers, privileged users and hosting third party service providers will all have access to these passwords.
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article is fud
by Gadrel on Thu 8th Dec 2005 14:48 UTC
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the jist is "developers have access to production data"

no shit? thats certainly a thought provoking idea. here's how to fix it

1) pay developers well
2) do treat them like shit or abuse them
3) select only people that you trust and know for developers
4) keep a professional atmosphere with developers, and expect the same from them

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RE: article is fud
by on Thu 8th Dec 2005 16:05 in reply to "article is fud"
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I don't agree with #2.

How is treating your developers like shit and abusing them supposed to help the situation?

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