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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Mandriva Linux 2006, released last month, feels very much like a natural evolution of earlier Mandrake releases - in both good and bad ways. As I tested the PowerPack edition, I was disappointed to find many of the same rough edges that drove me away from Mandrake still present in this new incarnation."
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Sick and tired
by dikatlon on Fri 9th Dec 2005 22:01 UTC
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I am sick and tired of all those reviews.
Why not look at developing a good hal and d-bus frontend that is suitable for all DE:s instead of throwing time on this? NetworkManager for example is a gnome applet - why in the world not make this a freedesktop standard thingy.
Im sick and tired of this - all I want in the end is to choose what DE to use. Changing a DE should not affect on hal and dbus frontend.

Making an central way to store data and get - An OSS variant of WinFS is good. Query your data, query your contact,file,e-mail - they are all objects.
The data should come to me..

Beagle and Kat etc - Why in the world not creating something that fits everything. Instead of the *toolkit* syndrome..

Why the old way of bash init scripts?! Why not launch a daemon in the background that have threads that are launching programs and settings - show that UI directly. If X11 has some serious problems, a gui in ncurses to debug and consider good settings should be a fine way.

FreeBSD have one goal for example - Gnu/Linux has many.
Why not standardize one - and call it Gnu/Linux - nor Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse, Mandriva etc...

Be aware that those things I do say, is aimed on a "desktop" gnu/linux system. If someone found that booring, and likes to have a non-standard system - who likes to play, not just works(tm) - go ahead grab your distro.

Buut the distros who are aiming on the desktop - they should move to a standard.

Gnu/Linux is the users operatingsystem, Microsoft Windows is the Microsoft's operatingsystem - don't forget that - in the end the user can change.

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RE: Sick and tired
by JonO on Fri 9th Dec 2005 22:23 in reply to "Sick and tired"
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"Standardizing" tends to remove the element of choice, which is the whole point of all this.

If you want to be locked into standards, you know where to go.

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RE[2]: Sick and tired
by dikatlon on Sat 10th Dec 2005 08:09 in reply to "RE: Sick and tired"
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You still got the choice.
You have the sourcecode. Microsoft do not use standards ,they do for example not support w3c - the list can be long.

Think of recept, if you have a standard from the beginning - you can change it after also.
Same here.

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