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Geek stuff, sci-fi... NEC has developed an ultra-thin, flexible, rechargeable battery capable of re-charging in just 30 seconds, the company said on Thursday. The new battery has been dubbed ORB, for Organic Redical Battery, by NEC, because it uses an organic radical polymer as its cathode.
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RE: Redical -> Radical
by Star on Sat 10th Dec 2005 19:19 UTC in reply to "Redical -> Radical"
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It is supposed to be Organic Radical Battery... The post was quoted from ZDNet and ZDNet used the wrong spelling. Should be interesting for many devices that require small amounts of power, although on NEC's website they claim each cell could get up to 35W and in a 4 cell array could power a 140W computer for a period of time. Good to see this progressing as it was proposed around 2001.

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