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FreeBSD "FreeBSD is an enterprise-grade operating system that leaves little to be desired. Most people have tried Linux by now, but a surprisingly large number of people have not yet taken FreeBSD for a spin. Now may well be the optimal time to take the plunge, as FreeBSD 6.0 provides the same rock-solid stability for which FreeBSD is known, and also implements some outstanding new features."
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Question about FBSD
by dsmogor on Mon 12th Dec 2005 00:22 UTC
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Hey, I'd like to use the opportunity of presence of many FBSD users here and ask a technical question.

What is the fbsd team stance wrt API/ABI stability?
1. Is app level abi (libc, kernel api) being actively preserved within and between major releases?
2. Is kernel extensions abi being actively preserved within and between major releases?

Are 1 and 2 true wrt just to api?

Thanks in advance

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RE: Question about FBSD
by eMagius on Mon 12th Dec 2005 17:54 in reply to "Question about FBSD"
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Both the API and ABI (kernel and userland) are preserved across point releases (6.0, 6.1, 6.2, etc.), but are not guaranteed across major release versions (5.x vs. 6.x). Additionally, app-level ABIs and APIs are generally preserved across even major releases by use of transparent compatibility layers (that are installed and operational by default).

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