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Amiga & AROS Various bits of news from the AmiZilla front. "Firstly, oli has finished his GTK->MUI AROS Bounty. Also, OS4 people have ported the the GTK->MUI emulation layer from AmigaOS3.1 to AmigaOS4." Other than that, the AmiZilla project will be recieving help from a group of students from King's College (London) as part of their practical coursework. "AmiZilla has been split up into individual projects for them- as we have five students, we have added in creating a GTK->Reaction layer to AmigaOS4, and maybe porting AmiZilla to MorphOS and AROS, as well as the AmigaOS 3.1 target."
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What about KHTML/WebKit?
by on Mon 12th Dec 2005 07:43 UTC

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Even if I think of Gecko as an outstanding piece of software, I believe that it relies too much on GTK/GDK to be really useful to smaller OSes with small development teams.

The point that Iīm trying to make is that whenever a small OS choose Gecko, theyīll have to go through a lot of work just to either remove the GTK/GTK dependance and translate all of its API calls to the native API or go ahead and work on a port of GTK to fully embrace it (might make sense on the long term, though, since they could benefit of the rich variety of GTK software available but that means much more work).

I guess that the main reasons that led Apple to choose KHTML over Gecko were that it was in good enough shape to be used as a building block, the source code was small, clean and easy to handle and that it wasnīt deeply tied to any toolkit in particular (yes, even Qt), requiring little effort from their part in order to create WebKit. I canīt tell for sure whether the KHTML developers produced that code with portability outside Unix/X11 realms in mind, but they surely did a hell of a good job on it. :-)

IIRC Syllable has an outdated and deprecated KHTML port and some Amiga or MorphOS developers were dipping their toes in KHTML waters (remember vaguely of a video showing a couple of tests of it). It shows that it is abstracted of any toolkits and portable enough for these small OSes.

After getting WebKit improvements KHTML compares favorably against Gecko as a modern HTML rendering engine (Gecko still has a slightly lead, though).

Having said that, I wonder why these small/niche OSes donīt just take advantage of this and avoid the unixfication (Is that even a word? :-)) of their platforms instead of going thru all this headache.

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RE: What about KHTML/WebKit?
by Vanders on Mon 12th Dec 2005 09:34 in reply to "What about KHTML/WebKit?"
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IIRC Syllable has an outdated and deprecated KHTML port

The KHTML engine in ABrowse was updated about six months ago. The big struggle is keeping the Qt->Syllable wrappers upto date and functional enough to work with KHTML. I wouldn't recomend trying to use KHTML in it's current state on a non-Qt platform, and I was actually a little surprised when Apple chose it over Gecko. While Gecko may rely on GTK/GDK it isn't tied to it anywhere near as badly as KHTML is tied to Qt.

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