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Gnome "GOK is the GNOME On-Screen Keyboard. As the title implies, it is a keyboard that appears on the display as an alternative for those who are not able to use a regular keyboard. This report highlights some general usability issues with GOK as it appears in Ubuntu (5.10). Some of the issues highlighted here may be bugs (In which case I will file them), while others will be design features that I have not grasped the purpose of (most likely in support of hardware that I do not have). Some of the issues highlighted here will relate to the general GNOME a11y infrastructure and some may be related to the way things are set up on Ubuntu."
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RE: GOK may be past its prime.
by leos on Mon 12th Dec 2005 20:29 UTC in reply to "GOK may be past its prime."
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Dasher is interesting, but it's not a better form of input than an on-screen keyboard. It's just a different one that will be suited to some people, and not suited for others. Dasher requires quick decision making, quick reading skills, and accurate pointer control. If you can do that, then it's quite fast, but a lot of people cannot do that or think the interface is confusing (which it is).

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I agree that Dasher is not suited for everyone, but I disagree with some things you say.
It doesn't need quick decision making and quick reading skills, as the process will just stop or go back depending on the position of the pointer. But it's true it needs accurate pointer control.

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