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Oracle and SUN "It's all a gush in Sun Microsystems' low-end SPARC server business with code-names flowing toward El Reg at speed. Last week, we brought you the details on Niagara II, and this week we bring you Michigan and Huron. The 1U Michigan box will replace the 1U Erie system and boast twice as much memory support - up to 64GB. Huron will be the 2U replacement for Ontario and also double the memory support, stretching up to 128GB." Sun also released the open-source Java database.
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How accurate will that rumour be?
by Phillip.Fayers on Wed 14th Dec 2005 14:33 UTC
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I'm often amazed at how good the Register's sources are but this one seems to be an awfully long way in advance to be accurate. We know Sun will be working on new machines but this far out even their own engineers probably don't know that they'll look like.

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