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OSNews, Generic OSes As the end of the year approaches, it appears that virtualization's time in the open source spotlight has all but come. Whether it is because of the machinations of companies like XenSource or analyst endorsement, emulating an enterprise-class infrastructure environment using open source has been on the rise in 2005. And, now, it looks ready to burst next year.
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RE: RE[2]: Not really
by DrillSgt on Wed 14th Dec 2005 23:15 UTC
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"f this thing would allow me to run Windows and Linux at the same time and have them actually talk to each other, that would be sweet ;) "

Currently Xen only supports Linux/Unix distributions that have been compiled for it. The OS needs to be specially adjusted to work with it, so the chance of Windows ever working with it is slim to none, just a guess since MS has thier own Hypervisor. If that is what you are trying to do, then VMWare or Parallels offer the best solution for that specific problem.

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