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Windows Running a background process on the Windows platform requires running a Windows Service. To run a Windows Service, you must have an application that is Windows Service aware. A Bash script is not Windows Service aware and neither are many console applications. XYNTService allows an administrator to define a console program and its options to execute. The XYNTService application is a Windows Service that reads a configuration file to know which applications to run. Read more...
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FireDaemon - commercial product equivalent
by morganth on Thu 21st Jul 2005 22:12 UTC
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Just wanted to point out there is a great equivalent to this called FireDaemon, which provides a nicely-designed GUI that allows you to run any Windows program as a service in the background.

I consider this tool essential if you are running a Windows server. Most of the servers I maintain are, unfortunately, Windows ones (though my personal server is Linux, so that ain't a problem), but on each of those I've installed FireDaemon. This allows me to use my custom-coded Python scripts and make sure they get run, and also to background very nice Windows programs like BulletProof FTP Server.

A nice additional feature of FireDaemon is that it can _still_ allow GUI access for a Windows service. (Dunno if XYNTService does this). Although it's a bit insecure, it still allows you to run a single of a program like BPFTP while still getting access to GUI functions.

Glad to see a new player in this market. I can't believe Microsoft hasn't included functionality like this (perhaps speaks volumes about the average Windows "sysadmin").

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Agreed, FireDaemon is very handy. I've once used it for the Mercury mailserver. It's free (as in beer) for up to two "services" / daemons.

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