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BSD and Darwin derivatives Fans of DragonFly BSD will be getting their Christmas present late this year, and plans for 1.5 have been announced. MP safe networking code, the long awaited cache coherency management system, and a port of Sun's ZFS. Read here for more. Update: Refresh, empty cache, whatever, and check the shiny new beastie icon! And there was much rejoicing. Can we now please discuss DragonFly BSD?
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RE[7]: Why this thread?
by abraxas on Sun 18th Dec 2005 03:25 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Why this thread?"
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How about the fact that everything from package managers to init scripts vary in Linux distributions. Sure Suse, RedHat and Mandrake are pretty similar, but saying that something like Gentoo is the same thing as RedHat is pretty uninformed. To be honest even RedHat has a lot of differences as compared to Suse. Look at SELinux.

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RE[8]: Why this thread?
by on Sun 18th Dec 2005 04:17 in reply to "RE[7]: Why this thread?"
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The Linux Kernel is the Linux Kernel across the majority of distros.

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RE[9]: Why this thread?
by dylansmrjones on Sun 18th Dec 2005 04:53 in reply to "RE[8]: Why this thread?"
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Yup, but the kernel aren't the same kernel across the distros. They are all linux kernels but not the same kernel.

But yes, I do think there are too many linux distro categories here on OSNews.

Whether or not it is fair must depend on number of news and users for each category. I think there are too many categories.

As a way of making people happy OSNews might want to change the icon for the BSD section. It just might work out better. At least there is a hope.

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