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BSD and Darwin derivatives Fans of DragonFly BSD will be getting their Christmas present late this year, and plans for 1.5 have been announced. MP safe networking code, the long awaited cache coherency management system, and a port of Sun's ZFS. Read here for more. Update: Refresh, empty cache, whatever, and check the shiny new beastie icon! And there was much rejoicing. Can we now please discuss DragonFly BSD?
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RE[2]: Work Continues
by Ronald Vos on Mon 19th Dec 2005 14:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Work Continues"
Ronald Vos
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Now the iconbusiness is out of the way, let's discuss.

ZFS no advantages? ZFS has numerous advantages over older filesystems, all to do with data-coherency, capacity and speed. Being one of the first BSDs to implement it would be a good thing.

And if the LWKT model works out, it would provide an excellent basis for SSI, wether or not Linux does it as well.

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RE[3]: Work Continues
by on Tue 20th Dec 2005 09:14 in reply to "RE[2]: Work Continues"
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ZFS is not an *advantage* as such because it is available
on another system.

Sure it may be an advantage for DFBSD + ZFS versus Linux + something worse, but if you're talking about innovation
and advantages of DFBSD project then ZFS is not so interesting.

Now if you can do something with DFBSD + ZFS that you
cannot do with Solaris, that too would be interesting.

I fail to really see how LWKT (lightweight kernel
threads?) is a basis for SSI...

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