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Linux "There is a lot of confusing information about the GNU/Linux operating system, open source and free software, and related issues in the press today. Many of these technologies and concepts are difficult to understand because they deviate from the standard historical traditions of the software industry. There are also a number of sponsored reports and other corporate propaganda published around the Web that smear the image of Linux and free software. In the interest of making a few basic concepts clear, this article will bring light to the darkness perpetuated by uninformed journalists, campaigning CEOs, and misleading advertisements."
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I NEVER (not a single one time) got my distribution messed up when I applied security updates. I never apply updates to my mothers Linux PC because she is on dial up and is therfore highly invisible to the internet, additionally to having a fully closed firewall.

I hear different stories about updating and breaking things from the Windows users I know. The only ones who have no security problems have an additional router (running on Linux ;) )installed between their computer and the internet.

That is MY perception of how things are, maybe you have different experiences in your social environment, and I would be looking forward to reading about them here.

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