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Morphos MorphZone presents an article from the 'Amiga Professor' Peruggi in which he explains the managing of TrueType webfonts on MorphOS and all other Amiga-like systems. It is a complete tutorial with AREXX scripts on how to adjust webfonts to obtain correct aspect ratio of HTML pages in Amiga browsers.
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RE: Well..
by on Tue 20th Dec 2005 16:49 UTC in reply to "Well.."

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@ AmigaRobbo:

Come on. Don't make it so heavy-weight.

Just jump over all the (you so-called booooring) discussions of prof. Peruggi and start reading only the tutorial.

Follow the instructions, fix your fonts to be more suitable for navigating the web, and get a happy life.



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RE[2]: Well..
by AmigaRobbo on Tue 20th Dec 2005 20:11 in reply to "RE: Well.."
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Sorry! As I think I said this looks like really interesting, these is a a problem with fonts on aWeb, and this may fix it, alas I'm really busy trying to network my Amigas/PC together at the mo, but as soon as I get some spare time I'll certainly give it a go.

In fact I'm going to publicy thank Prof Peruggi for taking the time to help fix this problem.

Now, as regards the academic writting style...

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