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X11, Window Managers Aaron Siego of KDE: "It would be very nice if our X server could use OpenGL directly for its display and composition. Because then we could have hardware accelerated effects that are not only cool looking, but also very useful. Well, there is just such a project underway, called XGL. But don't hold your breath. The development of XGL has been largely removed from the community and is being done behind closed doors. Who is this company, you ask, that would take the development of something as potentially important as this out of the community and put it behind closed doors? Novell."
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by MamiyaOtaru on Tue 20th Dec 2005 19:55 UTC
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"there is absolutely no good technical reason for what is happening, it's purely a "business decision". "

"And there's nothing wrong with that. They can choose the development model that's best for them, as the Oxygen artists did. What matters is that the code, when released, is under a free license."

And yet, an icon set is entirely unimportant compared to something affecting X at such a basic level.

Icons also don't really need oversight (though some people might want to comment on the WIP). A massive chunk of code on the other hand needs oversight. When they get done and drop a code bomb on, there's no telling if there will be something about it that makes it unusable. might have changed some internals, they might not like the way something is done (extreme example: if Mono is used).

If there is something about how it is done that prevents it from being integrated into X, it will be much harder to fix once everything is done. This is the sort of thing that needs feedback. It needs more eyes. People miss stuff.

Of course it's great Novell is working on it. I too thought it had died ;) Now though we are left hoping their final product does everything right, otherwise it will be some time after the release before it's usable for anyone but Suse/Novell. Great for them of course ;)

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