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X11, Window Managers Aaron Siego of KDE: "It would be very nice if our X server could use OpenGL directly for its display and composition. Because then we could have hardware accelerated effects that are not only cool looking, but also very useful. Well, there is just such a project underway, called XGL. But don't hold your breath. The development of XGL has been largely removed from the community and is being done behind closed doors. Who is this company, you ask, that would take the development of something as potentially important as this out of the community and put it behind closed doors? Novell."
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Justifiable act, but ultimately wrong!
by Guppetto on Tue 20th Dec 2005 19:55 UTC
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Aaron Siego is right on this one. While Novel is not breaking any laws by doing the development behind closed doors, XGL is to essential to Linux for them to do it that way. The Xserver is a fundamental component to Linux and by not allowing other companies and developers to contribute to the code base as it is being actively developed, they are untimately going to cause the code base to be forked several times. Trolltech has already stated that they will develope or aid in the development of a GL based server. Had Novel publically announced that they were going to start full fleged development on this project and officially invited other participants, this project could have been a major unifiying project for the open source community. The fact is, not very many developers would have shown up anyway, had they publically announced their intent, becuase this is a very difficult project, but a few very dedicated and talented companies and developers could be contributing to XGL's development right now. Zach Russian and Aaron have talked repeatedly about XGL for KDE 4 on a number of occations in addition to EXA. If Novel wasn't trying to control the implementation, We could have Trolltech and a number of the KDE developers, Redhat (rememeber, this is where the XGL code originated anyway) and Novel all hacking away at an XGL server that everyone is going to need in a couple of years.

While I know everyone is just happy to see someone working on this project, they've really set the whole project back, because as soon as they publish the code (if they publish the code) we're going to see multiple forks so that the server can be customized (How is that really helping). They have every right to do the development behind closed doors, but that basically defeats the concept of open. Yes, some people think open means just releasing the code at some point, but those individuals are not fully embracing the true spirit of what open source development means (open to everyone during the process, not just bolt on parts (rewritten code) after I've played God with the code)

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