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IBM Unix isn't a flashy market. But what distinction there is has been going to Sun Microsystems lately, by making its Unix-based Solaris operating system available as open-source software. Last week, IBM moved to put its AIX Unix operating system back on everybody's radar by revealing plans to create a development center on its Austin, Texas, campus to speed up AIX development.
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A lot of reasons for this
by on Tue 20th Dec 2005 23:58 UTC

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Aside from legacy motive (and I speak as an AIX operator and a diehard Linux fan) there are a LOT of features and things AIX on Power has that Linux lacks, such as dynamic resizing of LPARs, tightly (and i mean real tight) integrated LVM and SCSI support, and a decent, unified system configuration interface.

The world of proprietary UNIX does offer several advantages Linux generally does not give out, and while I'd prefer that, in the interest of improving FOSS, they'd dedicate that money to an IBM Linux distro, the fact is that there is still quite a bit of customer demand for AIX. It is really a nice OS for business and for its hardware. Perhaps this was a cheaper(because the foundations for a lot of wanted features are already there) and more cost-effective (because AIX costs an arm, leg and left nut) maneuver.

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RE: A lot of reasons for this
by on Wed 21st Dec 2005 14:53 in reply to "A lot of reasons for this"
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Mostly agree, however AIX itself is not that expensive, it's just that you have to buy IBM hardware to run it on.

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