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IBM Unix isn't a flashy market. But what distinction there is has been going to Sun Microsystems lately, by making its Unix-based Solaris operating system available as open-source software. Last week, IBM moved to put its AIX Unix operating system back on everybody's radar by revealing plans to create a development center on its Austin, Texas, campus to speed up AIX development.
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RE[6]: addendum
by Simba on Wed 21st Dec 2005 23:52 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: addendum"
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And that's what the "Outsourcing is good for the economy because it results in cheaper products" advocates don't seem to understand. It doesn't matter much how cheap something is. You can't afford to buy it if you have been out of work for a year. Cheaper products don't much matter if people are living in poverty. It also doesn't matter much when taxes go up because we have to support more people on the welfare system cause they can't get jobs.

"The US economy grew by leaps and bounds in the 80's because the government racked up an astronomical debt."

Bush's "War on terror" is actually racking up even more debt that we did in the 80s during the cold war. We are accumulating debt right now faster than ever.

And yes, it is going to very ugly when reality sets in. When the entire U.S. economy crashes. For some reason the United States thinks it is invincible, and too strong to end up collapsing... Well, that's what the Soviet Union thought. That's also what the Egyptian Empire thought, and the Greek Empire, and the Romans, and the Persians. And no doubt every other large empire throughout history. I'm sure none of them ever concieved of what would happen do them.

And by comparision standards, the United States hasn't even come close to reaching the kind of longevity that other strong nations throughout history have. The Egyptian empire laste over 3,000 years. The United States has been here only a little over 200.

Yes, it is going to be very scary when reality finally sets in, and when all this spending catches up to us.

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RE[7]: addendum
by kaiwai on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 02:14 in reply to "RE[6]: addendum"
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The United States has been here only a little over 200.

Actually, the US only got involved in the 'world politics' in the last 50 years, up until then it was a benign power which kept to itself, worked with other nations, but pretty much kept to itself.

As for the US - it pretty much only has itself to blame - a people that are insular and ignorant of issues beyond their borders, a governmental structure which lacks accountability when things go wrong - aka, the Iraq War and the constant push 'n shuffle of responsibility between politicians - all forgetting that the VAST majority voted for the war in the first place! and hypocracies which place higher value on complaining about side shows like same sex marriage and abortion, than the REAL issues like reducing government debt, creating new jobs, decreasing costs on businesses, freeing up the labour market, and reducing red tape.

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