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IBM Unix isn't a flashy market. But what distinction there is has been going to Sun Microsystems lately, by making its Unix-based Solaris operating system available as open-source software. Last week, IBM moved to put its AIX Unix operating system back on everybody's radar by revealing plans to create a development center on its Austin, Texas, campus to speed up AIX development.
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RE[6]: addendum
by kaiwai on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 03:58 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: addendum"
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We have three core taxes; GST, PAYE and Business tax - the business tax is a tricky one as you would have to take into account tax write offs.

On income tax, I pay 19.5% on the income I earn, and GST is sitting at 12.5% - there are no property taxes, no capital gains taxes (except on properties that have been held for less than 8 years), no stamp duties, no special taxes on share trading, no estate taxes.

Three core taxes, and thats it - it pails in comparison to the 'tax on every damn thing' that seems to exist in the US - pay roll tax, which punishes the employer for every employee he/she employs, to property tax, to a special social security tax etc.

When you look at the Economic Freedom Index, from the US Right Wing Think Tank, Heritage Foundation, NZ sits in the fifth position, equal to that of Ireland - the USA, however, is located in the 12th position - doesn't say too much about the economic policies of the US at this current point in time.

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