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Mac OS X Among the many milestones in the tech world this last year, one occurred almost without notice. The Bay Area NeXT Group, an important user group formed 15 years ago around Steve Jobs' second great computer design, slipped into history in 2005, even as the technology that sparked it reached millions of users under a new name: OS X.
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I, for one,
by helf on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 16:17 UTC
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choose death over giving up my NeXT.

*hugs NeXT Station*

One day, I'll have a dimension turbo cube to call my own as well.

Some of the best computers ever created.

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RE: I, for one,
by on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 17:31 in reply to "I, for one,"
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"choose death over giving up my NeXT.

*hugs NeXT Station* "

Alright, get a room. ;)

Seriously the NeXT machine was ahead of it's time. I found it an easy machine to start with and be productive without even reading the manual. Unix? What's that? Programming took some getting use to for those use to C/C++. Shame Steve mishandled it, but I guess with Apple buying NeXT? He got his revenge.

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RE[2]: I, for one,
by on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 18:31 in reply to "RE: I, for one,"
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It wasn't that it was mishandled, it was all timing. the market had two main platforms already, people didn't want to have to support a third as well. Remember, this was back in a time when Apple and the IBM/Microsoft conglomorate were still rather competative to one another, before Microsoft took over. One could argue that Apple was mishandled rather successfully I do believe, but NeXT's failure was in large part due to the unwillingness of developers to support a third major operating system. Sad too.

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