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Windows Windows Vista will improve search functionality on a PC by letting users tag files with metadata, but those tags could cause unwanted and embarrassing information disclosure, Gartner analysts warned.
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RE: Correct me if I'm wrong...
by evert on Fri 23rd Dec 2005 08:58 UTC in reply to "Correct me if I'm wrong..."
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Some metadata is stored in the file itself, and other meta outside of the file. For example: Word .doc documents contain the meta-information in the main file. But setting a summary for a plain .txt file will create an additional NTFS data stream for the file. The new WinFS will work different, of course.

I agree about the metadata that is stored in the WinFS database or in a NTFS stream - because that information is lost when emailing a file or copying to a FAT USB stick, it does not really matter.

The embedded metadata in JPEG en Word files is another matter, but ALL operating systems, not just Vista, suffer from this feature which can be misused by stupid users :-(

How WinFS changes all this? I guess that the UI in Vita will make it really easy to assing metadata to groups of files, and that Vista will not only store that metadata in the database, but apply it to the embedded metadata in Word files, too.

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