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Internet & Networking "Fifteen years ago, the Web browser was invented on Christmas day. We look at the history of the browser, talk to its creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and ponder how the software increasingly provokes users to define their own ways of consuming information online." Berners-Lee: "A lot of people really want to have an arrangement to provide them with the software that is maintained, and to pay for that support. So, there's a place for the commercial software makers. But the open-source community is absolutely essential for the development of the Web. That's very important to maintain a healthy community."
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browsers of old
by Hayabusa on Tue 27th Dec 2005 00:28 UTC
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Ahh the good old days. I can remember when Mosaic was THE browser. Then along came Netscape with the Pulsing N and blew mosiac out of the water. good times. Browsers have come a LONG way since the beginning.

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RE: browsers of old
by Kroc on Tue 27th Dec 2005 02:49 in reply to "browsers of old"
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I'm not so sure about that. Web browsers still diaplay the content given them. Bookmarks have been around since the earliest browsers and nothing much has changed in the browser scene since the basic inception of the brower itself 15 years ago.

What has come a LONG way is the content on the web. Dynamic content (Servers), Ads, shops, services and more.

Only with the extensibility of Firefox have we seen an actual evolution of the browser from a simple document-viewer to a more rich application. Having prettier graphics on screens and supporting more standards doesn't change the fact that a browser is still Back / Forward / Reload / Stop / Home.

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