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Linux "There are a number of things preventing Windows users from moving en masse to Linux. While the naming of applications is probably not a make-or-break issue when considering a new operating system, it is a legitimate consideration. This is the case because many of the names chosen for Linux programs are downright confusing, and the last thing desktop Linux needs right now is to make the transition from Windows or the acquisition of new users any harder than it has to be."
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Corrected list
by _dev_null on Tue 27th Dec 2005 21:51 UTC
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Some guy on slashdot:

Corrected list
Linux entries are read off directly from my GNOME menu
Web Browser
Windows: IE
Linux: Firefox Web Browser

Graphics Editing
Windows: Photoshop, Illustrator
Linux: GNU Image Manipulation Program, Inkscape Vector Illustrator

Movie Playback
Windows: Windows Media Player
Linux: Totem Movie Player

DVD Playback:
Windows: WinDVD, Windows Media Player
Linux: DVD Player, Totem Movie Player

Simple Text Editing
Windows: Notepad, Wordpad, TextPad
Linux: Text Editor

Instant Messaging
Windows: AOL Instant Messenger
Linux: Instant Messenger

Music Playback:
Windows: Windows Media Player, Itunes, WinAmp
Linux: Music Player

CD Ripping:
Windows: Itunes, Windows Media Player
Linux: Soundjuicer CD Ripper

CD Burning
Windows: Roxio Easy CD Creator, Nero
Linux: CD/DVD Creator

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RE: Corrected list
by h-milch-mann on Tue 27th Dec 2005 22:25 in reply to "Corrected list"
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I was just about to write about this.

KDE has a similar menu (the screenshot in the article shows KDE): Konqueror (Webbrowser) ...
Though this might have changed by now, since I don't use KDE that much.

That guy claims he is a linux advocate. So he is an advocat since five minutes or what? How can he overlook this "oh so visible feature"? Maybe because another "Linux is so soooo flawed" article generates more hits.

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RE[2]: Corrected list
by h-milch-mann on Tue 27th Dec 2005 22:29 in reply to "RE: Corrected list"
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I just looked at the enlarged screenshot. It even shows that nameing scheme.
So it must be his trained monkey that made the screenshot and linked to it, without him ever looking at it.

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RE: Corrected list
by Joe User on Wed 28th Dec 2005 09:57 in reply to "Corrected list"
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You have renamed all Linux apps to suit your argumentation, that's not honest, just as the linux community BTW:

Firefox Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox

GNU Image Manipulation Program, Inkscape Vector Illustrator
GIMP, Inkscape

Totem Movie Player

DVD Player, Totem Movie Player
(What is this "DVD Player"?), Totem

Text Editor
(What is this "Text Editor"?)

Instant Messenger
(What is this "Instant Messenger"?)

Music Player
(What is this "Music Player"?)

Soundjuicer CD Ripper

CD/DVD Creator
(What is this "CD/DVD Creator"?)

Such arguments don't help the Linux community. Linux is crap. It doesn't even need to be as good as Windows, it needs to be a lot better, otherwise people won't switch. Remember: When you have something that just works, you keep it. Worse: You won't switch to something that doesn't work for you. End of the story.

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RE: Corrected list
by on Thu 29th Dec 2005 13:43 in reply to "Corrected list"
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The author meant the application names themselves and the naming conventions, not the menu labels.

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