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OS/2 and eComStation Two articles on OS/2: "IBM's farewell to OS/2 next month shouldn't take anyone by surprise. Long before Big Blue announced its plans to pull the plug, industry watchers were drafting OS/2's obituary." And, "Yesterday saw IBM cease the sale of the OS/2 Operating system. Come the 31st of December, standard support for the OS will end also. However, a significant number of companies and people continue to use it, and they are finding ways for OS/2 to live on."
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RE: My fond memory
by kwanbis on Tue 27th Dec 2005 23:13 UTC in reply to "My fond memory"
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i would hand edit a 1000 line config.sys file instead of a 10.000 entries registry.

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RE[2]: My fond memory
by hobgoblin on Wed 28th Dec 2005 00:01 in reply to "RE: My fond memory"
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and the config.sys would allow for inline comments so that you can document every change you do in the very file you change.

another fine thing about files like config.sys was/is the ability to comment out the old command and put a new one nearby. this way you have atleast some indication that something have changed, and allso the ability to go back of the change isnt a good one.

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