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Slackware, Slax I was interested to see how Zenwalk differs from Slackware, and after reading on their web site that version 2.01 is 'the biggest jump in Zenwalk evolution since the beginning of the project', I wanted to see how far Zenwalk has come since it was reviewed here as MiniSlack.
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Slightly offtopic.
by adamk on Thu 29th Dec 2005 17:00 UTC
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With all this talk of fluxbox, KDE, gnome, XFCE, etc... Does anyone still use something as simple as fvwm any more? I found it funny that the reviewer referred to fluxbox as simple :-)


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RE: Slightly offtopic.
by joef on Thu 29th Dec 2005 17:18 in reply to "Slightly offtopic."
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I guess I've been showing Linux to Windows users too much lately. I was aiming for center of mass (as they say in the Army). Most people I show Linux to consider KDE normal, Gnome simple and Fluxbox geeky. A bare OpenBox scares them.

Thanks for commenting.

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RE[2]: Slightly offtopic.
by DittoBox on Thu 29th Dec 2005 18:07 in reply to "RE: Slightly offtopic."
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Why run X at all?


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