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Slackware, Slax I was interested to see how Zenwalk differs from Slackware, and after reading on their web site that version 2.01 is 'the biggest jump in Zenwalk evolution since the beginning of the project', I wanted to see how far Zenwalk has come since it was reviewed here as MiniSlack.
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"I think that the diversity is in fact, the reason why the Linux market is so strong against proprietary OS vendors"
Do you really believe Linux is SO strong on the desktop market against Windows?
I think all these many distributions do not bring anything new. They are variants of another distribution . They fix some problem and bring some new problems. The worst part is that there is no way to know if a particular distribution will work well on your specific computer until you try it.
For commercial software support of Linux on the Desktop, these is a nightmare. A commercial software would have to test its product against all these distributions. Needless to say, that does not happen: complex commercial software generally support a very restricted numbers of distributions and in many case, just one or two.
I think instead of creating another new distribution, it would be more productive to support a single distribution that would work everywhere. Granted, that is not as fun for unpaid developpers!

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""Do you really believe Linux is SO strong on the desktop market against Windows? ""

You are right about this, but that's just why I didn't wrote "Desktop market" , just "market".

Linux desktop apps, and specially office apps are still not mature enough to compete. This has nothing to do with Commercial softwares not ported on Linux. The only commercial office software that matters is MS Office, and I don't think that the fact that it's not ported on Linux is related to diversity of platforms.

Diversity is in technology like in sociology or ecology, a very good thing, as well as not always beeing the simplest thing to deal with ... globalisation is more confortable ;)

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