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Slackware, Slax I was interested to see how Zenwalk differs from Slackware, and after reading on their web site that version 2.01 is 'the biggest jump in Zenwalk evolution since the beginning of the project', I wanted to see how far Zenwalk has come since it was reviewed here as MiniSlack.
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Disapointing Review
by AxXium on Fri 30th Dec 2005 17:56 UTC
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I am really disappointed in this review. From reading it the reader is left with the feeling that Zenwalk walk is nothing more than a "Wanna-be Vector Linux with a more brightly colored Slackware installer". There are many positive notes there but there are as many or more negative ones. The articles comments compare to slapping someone in the face, saying you’re sorry and then following it up with yet another slap.

Zenwalk is an amazing distro. Much hard work, thought and effort is put into it. That hard work and thought is clearly visible to anyone that takes the time to open there eyes.

In his own words the author stated that he wanted to see how it compares to Slackware. Zenwalk while in fact was originally based on Slackware is not and will never be Slackware. It is much improved on. Numerous tools have been added to make using the system more enjoyable without sacrificing control. To list all of the improvements, tools and usable features this distro combines into a distro would make this comment a small non-fiction book.

It may not be for everyone but to each his own. Personally, I much prefer Zenwalk than anything else. So much so that it has replaced every distro on all seven of my machines.

Bottom line... Zenwalk is more than a Slackware clone or a Vector wannabe. It is a worthy and noble distro in its own right.

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RE: Disapointing Review
by djst on Fri 30th Dec 2005 22:22 in reply to "Disapointing Review"
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"To list all of the improvements, tools and usable features this distro combines into a distro would make this comment a small non-fiction book."

Go ahead and list at least 20 of them. I won't mind.

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RE[2]: Disapointing Review
by on Fri 30th Dec 2005 22:49 in reply to "RE: Disapointing Review"
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Yep, I tried it out and you could say that it is an improvement. That is if "doesn't work" is an improvement.
It took three trys to get it to boot after the install.
Back with Slack now. Life is good.

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RE: Disapointing Review
by joef on Sun 1st Jan 2006 01:06 in reply to "Disapointing Review"
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Sorry to hear you're disappointed, but I laid it out as I saw it. I made it pretty clear where I was coming from, as well as how things went. I summed it up by saying the distro was tight, which, for my generation, was high praise.

Since I wrote the review I replaced my Ubuntu installation on my centrino-based laptop with Zenwalk. It's much nicer, actually, because it is so tight and tightly focused. With speedstep on I'm running at 600 Mhz most of the time, and I can really feel the difference. Of course, it took more work.

I think the comments show it's a mixed bag, which is waht you can say about pretty much every distro.

Thanks for the feedback.

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