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Amiga & AROS There is kind of a stir in the Amiga community. As Hyperion employees explained in an IRC chat, Hyperion suffers from a lack of hardware for the development (and thus sales) of AmigaOS4. However, what about Genesi? Genesi is the company behind the ODW, a PPC workstation that could potentially be the solution to Hyperion's lack-of-hardware problems. However, friction between the two companies is preventing them from coming to an agreement. More from the community here, and here. My take: I find this a rather silly situation. It is quite clear that Genesi is one of the few companies capable of offering a steady flow of PPC hardware for the AmigaOS, yet things in the past are preventing a financially interesting cooperation. And who suffer? Exactly-- Amiga fans.
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No, the problem is Genesi
by Dark Leth on Sun 1st Jan 2006 17:18 UTC
Dark Leth
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As someone who has watched this ridiculous situation from the sidelines, it seems that Amiga Inc. will not liscense the operating system for a Pegasos port, nor will Hyperion do one. This might be tethered to Hyperions connection with EyeTech, the maker of the AmigaOne. I have a feeling EyeTech would not want to lose any part of the (small) Amiga PC market.

If you would like to read more, AmigaWorld forums is the best place to start. There are over 100 threads on this specific topic, often leading only to Amiga v. MorphOS v. AROS fights that accomplish nothing.

It is quite sad to see such an imaginative, filled with potential OS be hindered by bickering.

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It is quite sad to see such an imaginative, filled with potential OS be hindered by bickering.

That is exactly my problem. The only way the Amiga scene will ever grow and expand, is by setting aside past differences, and work, together, to a common goal.

Now, they are destroying whatever's left of the Amiga scene. And that's just plain said.

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RE: No, the problem is Genesi
by Rasmus on Sun 1st Jan 2006 19:10 in reply to "No, the problem is Genesi"
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The problem is hardly Genesi. They have made mistakes, but earned their stripes. Freescale and IBM are Genesi customers, not to mention the companies that buy the ODW to have a PowerPC host/target development environment. This bbrv blog made the most sense to me:

So get it right Dark Leth. There are plenty of communities using this hardware, including Sun!


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Dark Leth Member since:

Get it right? Could you have not guessed, from the context of the post, that the title was an error? It was supposed to read as following: No, the problem is not Genesi.

My apologies, but please calm down in your retorts. I thought I made it clear that I thought that the problem was with Hyperion/Amiga Inc.

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