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KDE "KOffice development is currently going on at a tremendous pace. Version 1.5, with Open Document as the default file format, will be released in March 2006 [roadmap, planned features], and it is time to start collecting ideas for version 2. KOffice has received a donation of $1000 [EUR 845] to be used as the prize in a GUI and Functionality Design competition. So whip out the RAD tools and your imagination and design the next big thing in office automation! Submissions to the competition should be GUI mockups accompanied with a written description of the intended workflow with ideas for the design of KOffice 2. See the KOffice 2 competition page for an example of how this could be done."
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Reveal Codes
by asupcb on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 11:55 UTC
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I hope that KWord implements a Reveal Codes feature reverse-engineered from WordPerfect. Reveal Codes is by far the most powerful and accurate way to edit a word processing document ever created IMHO. Maybe I'm just partial because I learned on WordPerfect and not Word but Reveal Codes has always been one of WordPerfect's best features.
It's too bad that Corel has never been acquired by say Novell who could then open-source WordPerfect Office Suite, imagine how fast the tables could be turned against Microsoft with a truly full featured Office Suite freely available and with file format compatability back to version 1.0. Just Imagine.

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