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Intel "Intel has started shipping its 65nm dual-core mobile Pentium processor, Yonah, along with Centrino bundles based on the new processor. The five processors are clocked at 2.16GHz, 2GHz, 1.83GHz, 1.66GHz and 1.66GHz (single core), and operate on a 667MHz frontside bus, connecting across a FCBGA6 or FCPGA6 pin-out. All processors sport 2MB of L2 cache." In addition, "Intel has debuted its latest dual-core desktop Pentium D processors. The chip giant this week added four models to its price list; all containing 4MB of L2 cache split into two 2MB chunks, one for each of the two cores in the chip package. All four operate on an 800MHz frontside bus. The CPUs are clocked at 2.8GHz, 3GHz, 3.2GHz and 3.4GHz."
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RE: re: apple
by MechaShiva on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 16:35 UTC in reply to "re: apple"
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Did anyone else notice that this was posted anon? How'd that happen?

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by 1234 on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 16:48 in reply to "RE: re: apple"
RE[3]: re: apple
by Kroc on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 16:58 in reply to "RE[2]: re: apple"
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Why is this modded up? What proof do you have. Why is it that because you know his name you think you have some kind of executive power to be pointing fingers. Any one who's been here the last week will recognise the user who always posts his UA at the bottom of every post.

Parent should be modded down on Personal Attack, because it's exactly that.

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RE[3]: re: apple
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 17:05 in reply to "RE[2]: re: apple"
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"Did anyone else notice that this was posted anon? How'd that happen?"

The comment could have only been posted by an admin. Hmmm... Which admin posted this article?

Oh, nevermind. There goes that theory... Thom NEVER trolls.

Yeah, or it might be just the fact that we still allow anonymous posting from mobile devices because we haven't written a login form yet for mobile and text browsers. The user agent at the bottom of the post might be a hint at this. Oh, and we've only said that like, 2398473957 times.

But yeah, your option sounds like a big possibility too. An admin has done it. Sure. ;) .

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