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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla 1.7.10 (release notes), a security update to the Mozilla Application Suite, is now available for download. There was no Mozilla 1.7.9 release: it was cancelled after it was discovered that changes in the equivalent 1.0.5 releases of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird caused some problems.
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by 1c3d0g on Sat 23rd Jul 2005 17:33 UTC
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...I thought Mozilla was going to cancel the Mozilla Suite by now...but I've also heard from someone that the community around this software suite was going to rename it Seamonkey and continue development after Mozilla decides to go only with Firefox/Thunderbird/Sunbird. Anybody know what's the real story? ;)

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by on Sat 23rd Jul 2005 18:38 in reply to "Hmm..."
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Mozilla Foundation will not make new releases of the suite, but they will release maintenance release of the latest release: 1.7. 1.7.10 is one of the maintenance releases.

SeaMonkey is the project result of volunteers taking the code to make future releases of the Mozilla suite. They are not going to be official Mozilla Foundation releases, but Mozilla Foundation is providing the infrastructure (servers, bugzilla, etc) to help the volunteers.

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