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Internet Explorer "The saga of Internet Explorer, the piece of software that once brought the Department of Justice to the brink of breaking up Microsoft, continues to eat away at the company. Several Microsoft employees have been reporting on their blogs that they feel the browser is not receiving adequate attention from upper management, and that it reflects badly on Microsoft as a result."
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Everyone has their own tastes, but...
by Decius on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 21:13 UTC
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For some IE will always be the only way that they wish to see the web. I built a computer for my sister with both FF and Opera readily available to her, but whenever I've seen her on her machine she's always using IE! I could quote security and speed differences to my hearts delight, but she stubbornly refuses to consider an alternative, because ONCE she received a 'This site is best viewed with...' or 'You must have...' message regarding IE. She didn't want to hear about User-Agents or anything else, her mind was made up.

It is a fact that IE is presently one of the poorest choices for browsing the modern web (a point tacitly acknowledged by MS on the Mac, when they bowed out of MacIE support), due to the fact that it is simply outdated and insecure in such a dynamic environment. I don't know what IE7 will be like, and won't likely find out for a long time due to money...I can't afford to upgrade hardware just to use Vista. I'm not inclined to spend this money even if I had it, because I am very satisfied with the computer I have. If MS is still serious about IE they need to reconsider where they want to go with it.

P.S. For all those who are inclined to get involved in the "My browser's better" argument, I suggest checking out the following site before making any claims:

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Look at the load times for Links and lynx at the bottom. And people wonder why I use Links so much for news and forum browsing. :-)

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I don't wonder about that ;)

links -g works miracles ;)

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