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Privacy, Security, Encryption "The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team released its year-end summary of computer vulnerabilities. While Windows is regarded as the most insecure operating system, the US-CERT found four times as many vulnerabilities specifically related to Unix and Linux. Of 5198 reported flaws, 812 were for the Windows, 2328 for Unix and Linux, and 2058 more affected more than one operating system. Notably missing from the list of Windows vulnerabilities is the recently discovered Windows Metafile issue. No vulnerabilities were listed for Apple's Mac OS X, however several had been disclosed during the year. Also, since OS X is based on Unix, it is vulnerable to some of the flaws associated with its core operating system." Note: The link is fixed. I have no idea what happened there, sorry guys!
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Another Cert
by Windows Sucks on Wed 4th Jan 2006 18:11 UTC
Windows Sucks
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Hummm, what about this new cert FIN-06-004-01

(Another BIG ole windows hole)

I mean you go to the US-CERT site and almost everything you see on there is Windows, Windows, Windows.

As always you have Windows guys trying to talk Unix security. But when you look closer the truth is I have NEVER had to run scared, double check my virusscan or any of those things when using Linux/Unix/Mac OS


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RE: Another Cert
by ma_d on Wed 4th Jan 2006 18:26 in reply to "Another Cert"
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That's probably because:
1.) 94% of the Country is running Windows.
2.) 99% of those people are complete idiots (when it comes to operating systems).

The Mac side is much more into getting their updates, and many are very geeky. And the linux side is probably half obsessive geeks and half wannabe geeks on the way... With a small mix of know-nothings thrown in to spice up the mix.

CERT is supposed to be protecting computer users (sadly, from themselves I think). They're not going to confused 94% of the country to help the fifty people who visit the site with a Linux box who aren't geeks.

Now, I agree that Unix security is much higher than Windows in general. But, I don't think CERT's website is a good proof of that.

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RE[2]: Another Cert
by Windows Sucks on Wed 4th Jan 2006 18:41 in reply to "RE: Another Cert"
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You are right about the CERT site that is for sure.

But looking over the problems with Unix and Linux on the site 95% of those problems would not affect desktop users of Linux, Unix and/or Mac OS anyway.

Unlike the 95% of Windows problems that affect any and every version of Windows, servers and desktops.

That is a big difference (And you don't have to look on the cert site to see that. LOL!)

Users should not be the blame for Microsofts lack of education about the features in their products. They don't include any documentation, they dont make the user secure the machine and they dont really teach the importance of patches.

All you see from Microsoft are Slick ads telling you that you can hook a telescope to your Windows machine and see the Cats Eye Nebula. LOL! They don't even feature their products in their ads anymore. LOL!

You can't exspect people to: Not open attachments, Not go to bad sites, buy virusscan, update virusscan, lock down the machine, not log in with admin rights, turn on and configure the firewall, update patches, read about security problems etc, etc without education. Sorry but people just want to turn on their machines and go, which you can do almost at will on your Mac or Linux desktop.

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