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Opera Software "With Opera recently releasing their web browser completely free of Ads, it is a good time to let the truth be told. Not only is Opera faster then Firefox in all performance areas, it is much more secure and more compliant."
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RE[3]: Less Reliable Too
by Bit_Rapist on Wed 4th Jan 2006 20:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Less Reliable Too"
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Imagine buying a car with it's hood welded shut and the manufacturer said it was illegal to open the hood of the car to see the engine?

I doubt many people would find this acceptable even if most people can't even work on the engine itself.

Try calling GM and telling them you want the source code to the OBD ECM firmware that is running in their car(s) and see what they say ? Or how about the blueprints and design specs for the LS1 smallblock ? I'm sure they'll tell you its anything but an open source free for all when it comes to their software and design work.

As for analogies operating systems do not have a closed hood anymore than a car considering you can swap out hacked system components just as you can change an intake on some cars.

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RE[4]: Less Reliable Too
by mole on Wed 4th Jan 2006 20:06 in reply to "RE[3]: Less Reliable Too"
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Linux runs on computers with closed firmware, closed chip designs etc. Linux is still "Free" software. Just because you drill down into proprietary components doesn't invalidate the analogy. Of course, all of this should be "free", and eventually it will be (hopefully).

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