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Windows The saga around the WMF flaw in Windows continues. "A cryptographically signed version of Microsoft's patch for the Windows Metafile vulnerability accidentally leaked onto the Internet late Tuesday, adding a new wrinkle to the company's round-the-clock efforts to stop the flow of malicious exploits. The MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) acknowledged that a slip-up caused 'a fast-track, pre-release version of the update' to be posted to a security community site and urged users to 'disregard' the premature update."
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Switch to MacOS or Linux
by d4rkn1ght on Thu 5th Jan 2006 06:31 UTC
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For those that don't know what a WMF file is:

I think is time for me to switch my parents to Apple. I'm finally sick of cleaning and fixing their Windows machine. Everyday is something new. I feel that I have become sort of a Windows expert fixing these kind of freaking problems all the time.

I have always been a Mac user since day one (System 1 to Mac OS X), and I have never seen an exploit with this level of damage on the Mac.

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