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Linux Arch Linux 0.7.1 was released with some better hardware detection (not hotplug), stock initrd support for usage with encrypted root filesystems, network profiles, and more little goodies here and there. As always, read the the docs before installing. You'll find ISO images here (torrents here).
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That's my big annoyance also. Other distro's manage it why can't they?
The impression I got from reading the forums was that they don't really care about fixing it.

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I think that they simply don't know how to fix it. Arch does not have a real kernel hacker like Ubuntu/SuSE/Fedora/Mdk/Debian have to figure out what the problem is and create kernel patches or suggest fixes. Fixing ACPI is not an easy task either.

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Is the problem that they don't have a kernel hacker or that ACPI support is broken in the kernel itself?

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Honestly Eugenia, if you don't like the distribution's philosophy, don't use the distribution. Arch is all about simplicity, with minimal patching. All they patch the kernel with is -as in order to fix 'obvious bugs and vulnerabilities.' Things like this are the reason a lot of Archers use Arch, so please, stop trying to change every project to fit your needs already. Gnomes not going to do it, and neither is Arch.

Besides, you hit it right on the head, it's a distribution for power users. The mission statement makes it abundantly clear:

Arch Linux is an i686-optimized linux distribution targeted at competent linux users (read: not afraid of the commandline)

If you aren't prepared to configure your system, it's probably not for you. That said, hopefully the new initrd movement will make it easier to cope with the various problems the increasingly important SMP inclusion causes.

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There are efforts within the AL community which comes in the form of the ArchCK kernel. This is patched with all sorts of goodies, including better power management stuff.

I'm personally not surprised that Arch devs use a pretty standard kernel.

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