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Features, Office The latest version of Portable, an edition of the open source office suite that fits on a USB stick, includes a number of updates such as full support for Windows 2000 and launchers for each application. Portable 2.0.1 includes all the applications included in 2.0.1 and takes up only 144MB of storage space, compared to the 300MB of disk space required by the full version of the office suite. But 144MB is still too big, considering that many USB sticks only store 256MB, according to Gary Barnett, a research director at analyst firm Ovum.
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Modularity and space
by JrezIN on Sat 7th Jan 2006 01:01 UTC
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I wish OO.o could be more modular... at least in distribution... You can't download a single distribution right now and simply apply a localized pack (I'm not talking about dictionaries... you can't install them, not so easy for the joe user, but you can...), and in cases like this one, you have to wait for the localized version of yet another version of the suite (actually a very helpful one, but still "yet another" instead an add-on to the standard one...), if it's actually released one day...


About the required size... 144MiBs IS too much. I know you have some clipart art there and so one, but still too much for binaries and templates (ok, ok... and toolkit). People outside North America and Europe will appreciate very much as "just 50 dollars" may translate in 3 to 10 times the cost in other countries...
Also, I don't want a single program occupying most of my portable drive's space, I still want to carry my documents and my other programs.

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RE: Modularity and space
by Accident on Sat 7th Jan 2006 01:58 in reply to "Modularity and space"
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Well they do have only 6.4MB.
Now is that too much?
Now point me to ANY major program that can run on a USB drive on any windows computer?

Like can:
MS Word? - no
AbiWord and OO.O? - yes

MS IE - no
Firefox - yes

MS Messenger - no
Gaim - yes

MS Outlook - no
Sunbird & Thunderbird - yes

MS (FTP) anything - no
Filezilla - yes

Now all that excluding OO.o is only 58.9MB!
The only thing close that Microsoft has is the PocketPC version and thats like 1/4 the features on these.

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RE[2]: Modularity and space
by JrezIN on Sun 8th Jan 2006 19:47 in reply to "RE: Modularity and space"
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What a minute... Whe're talking about OO.o problems... not the this other programs.

How said MS in first place? PocketPC WTF?!

What about modularity and localized versions problems in first place?

It's not a holy war... I believe most of people here use OO.o... You don't need to defend it. But it's good to discuss what could improved in the software!

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