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Zeta "I've been working off-and-on writing a review/overview of the Zeta LiveCD, but one topic in particular kept distracting me: the question of whether or not the demo CD can be installed and run from a hard drive partition. My experimentation ended up growing into an article of its own and the short answer is 'no'. For all the gory details, read on."
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demo CD
by DLazlo on Tue 10th Jan 2006 00:08 UTC
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Yes Be Inc did put out a demo CD as of 4.5 or more likely 4.5.2, not sure about 4.0. It was $10 US, x86 only, and would not install. That's what got me started using BeOS.

What I see happening though is a lot of effort going into locking you into yT's pocket while some critical parts and functions of Zeta are either ignored or glossed up to look nice while no real change in functionality has been made. It's very reminicent of the MS way of doing business where they grub for every nickel they can get out of the consumer.

The whole world does not have broadband internet connections yet, but I find Zeta's handleing of dial-up settings to be inferior to stock R5's from what I've seen of it so far. There are also several areas that could stand more documentation to clarify things for a new user. These are the things that will help expand their market, not making things more difficult with excessive activation schemes that just frustrate users and help spawn less than enthusiastic reports between users and potential users.

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