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Linspire Linspire has started another attempt at selling computers pre-installed with their operating system - this time by teaming up with Mirus - called the Koobox. Ars looks at the situation: "At this point it is hard to assess the potential of the Koobox systems. If it succeeds, the product could help legitimize desktop Linux and bring it further into the mainstream. Regardless of how many get sold, the availability of yet another budget Linux PC illuminates the growing popularity of the Linux platform, and contributes to the perception that Linux is applicable to desktop computing."
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by gplCop318 on Tue 10th Jan 2006 05:48 UTC
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"I had enough of the proprietary train ride"
so you switched to linspire? You got the hook dug deeper now than with windows. Linspire controls both the OS and all the applications... how much more proprietary can you get?

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RE: ok
by LinspireMan on Tue 10th Jan 2006 06:01 in reply to "ok"
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Yes, CNR (click and run) is a Linspire-proprietary application. What is your point? I GOT TIRED OF PAYING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS EVERY TIME MAC OS X IS UPDATED, OR WHEN A NEW VERSION OF A WINDOWS PROGRAM COMES OUT. I am sure many other people that switched to Linspire Five-O, feel exactly the same as I do.

Almost all of the 2400+ applications in CNR are FREE. The fee you pay is for Linspire to package the files properly and take care of the dependencies for you. For the CNR Basic service, $19.95 per year is nothing. You make it sound like no one can afford to spend $20. ;) This is optional: If you want free OS upgrades, then you can opt for the CNR Gold Service at $49.95 per year. The Linspire Insider Program is a one-time charge of $99, and you get access to beta versions of Linspire, and other software before it hits the main CNR Warehouse. Hence, the word "optional."

CNR is beautiful IMHO... One click to install, and then run. Too bloody easy! Even my technologically-challenged mother finds Linspire easy to use. CNR is an awesome application, and many other Linux distributions are just so insanely jealous that they don't have it.

I don't have time in my life to waste hours, days, weeks to get Linux to run nicely. It already does with Linspire Five-O.

With Cedega PointPlay, all of my Valve software, especially Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source run better on Linspire Five-O than Windows XP. Handle: Sgt. Rhodes (LinspireMan) on Frenchy's Pit. ;)

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