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Zeta "I've been working off-and-on writing a review/overview of the Zeta LiveCD, but one topic in particular kept distracting me: the question of whether or not the demo CD can be installed and run from a hard drive partition. My experimentation ended up growing into an article of its own and the short answer is 'no'. For all the gory details, read on."
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RE[2]: Price
by stew on Tue 10th Jan 2006 11:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Price"
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Zeta simply hasn't proven it offers anything different besides some new/updated programs and drivers.

Compared to R5 Pro? There's (stable, not Dano) BONE, localization support, updates to Media Kit, a new USB2 stack (including support for booting from USB sticks), a faster kernel that knows dual-core, Hyperthreading and more than 1GB RAM and active support (try calling a hotline for R5 Pro).

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