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AMD AMD has released its first dual-core Athlon 64 FX processor, the FX-60. The Reg puts it through its paces, and concludes: "AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 is the best consumer processor AMD has ever produced. With effectively a pair of FX-55s sat in the same socket, sharing an efficient memory controller, it's close enough to FX-57 in single-threaded apps that the multi-threaded advantage makes that slender gap moot. Targetted at the well-heeled enthusiast, the new dual-core processor should be a shoo-in for those with FX-57s already, and those with the required readies to drop on the latest and greatest."
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The linux kernal has multiple threads for a while and can be run single-core.
multi-core won't be a requirement, it will certainly be a advantage.
doom3 has multithreads without any patches.
Can i have the link for the quake 4 multi-core patch,its proberly a 64 bit patch not multi-core as that does not make sense.

I think know one has understood that multi-core is basically an efficent design in using more than one proccessor, the linux kernal shows dual cores as two seperate proccessors not new technology.

Whenever the new amd socket am2 arrives there will still be single core chips made for it.

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