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Apple "Today Apple announced the MacBook Pro. It has quite a few changes compared to the previous PowerBook. For one, it uses an Intel Core Duo (formally known as Yonah) chip. This is a dual core processor and no, unlike what Steve Jobs stated, this does not have two processors. This will help a lot with responsiveness. I've been dreaming of a dual core laptop for quite a while. However, the realization of my dream coupled with the changes seen makes me cry", writes Unsanity. UPDATE: Windows XP won't run on the new Intel Macs because of EFI. Vista is supposed to work though.
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by Myrd on Wed 11th Jan 2006 18:36 UTC
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Those are some good observations. Perhaps the new laptop isn't quite all Apple claims it is.

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RE: hmm
by modmans2ndcoming on Wed 11th Jan 2006 19:08 in reply to "hmm"
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Hardly good you should say.

the loss of 60 pixels... big deal, now video conferencing on the road is possible.

loss of S-video? umm, I use VGA/DVI out and I buy the dongels for my video port adapter. very flexible and I get what I need. Buy a flipping s-video dongle for 20 bucks.

How is the power consumption bad? I get way more performance.
This is just the ratings of a person who thinks a G4 CPU is the best thing since sliced bread... it is not, it was old and crufty.

FW800.... well MAYBE, but as Eugenia has said, FW800 is not port compatible with FW400 thus backward compatibility is gone and it was on its way out anyway.

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RE[2]: hmm
by modmans2ndcoming on Wed 11th Jan 2006 19:10 in reply to "RE: hmm"
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Oh, (since I cannot edit anymore)

Who gives a flip about Dual layer burning? Blue-Ray will be out for Optical drives in 6 months and all things DVD will be obsolete for data.

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RE[2]: hmm
by kadymae on Thu 12th Jan 2006 00:25 in reply to "RE: hmm"
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the loss of 60 pixels... big deal

For me this is a big deal.

Where I work, when we first went to LCD's, we went to ones which were the equvalent of a .297 pitch.

Before that I had a lovely .25 pitch Sony Trinitron apteture grille monitor. Razor crisp.

I felt I like I was looking at everything through a frikkin screen door. I could see the individual pixels on the monitor in front of me. I hated it.

And you bet your butt that when I went to buy an LCD for use at home, it had the smallest pixel pitch and fastest response that I could find on the market at that time (2001). (BTW, Formac 17")

If I'm paying for a Pro-level premium product, I want a pro-level premium display in it and to see that Apple has raised the pixel pitch means they're using a cheaper LCD.


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