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Apple "Today Apple announced the MacBook Pro. It has quite a few changes compared to the previous PowerBook. For one, it uses an Intel Core Duo (formally known as Yonah) chip. This is a dual core processor and no, unlike what Steve Jobs stated, this does not have two processors. This will help a lot with responsiveness. I've been dreaming of a dual core laptop for quite a while. However, the realization of my dream coupled with the changes seen makes me cry", writes Unsanity. UPDATE: Windows XP won't run on the new Intel Macs because of EFI. Vista is supposed to work though.
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Two processors
by robojerk on Wed 11th Jan 2006 18:42 UTC
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Wouldn't a laptop with two processors require have heating and power issues?
Isn't this why dual core is popular? 2 cores on 1 little circut board.

And the rant about the power supply beating him up sounds a little over the top for me.

As for Apple rushing it, I think if they dragged their feet with this architecture jump it would probably fail. Get new hardware out now so the developers can really start backing their system so by the time the entire apple line is intel one won't need to worry about apps.

Buying an intel mac now and having to wait for application support requires an adventurous sort. They will get by w/o all the bells and whistles but I bet future models will be what the apple fanatics expect.

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