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Apple "Today Apple announced the MacBook Pro. It has quite a few changes compared to the previous PowerBook. For one, it uses an Intel Core Duo (formally known as Yonah) chip. This is a dual core processor and no, unlike what Steve Jobs stated, this does not have two processors. This will help a lot with responsiveness. I've been dreaming of a dual core laptop for quite a while. However, the realization of my dream coupled with the changes seen makes me cry", writes Unsanity. UPDATE: Windows XP won't run on the new Intel Macs because of EFI. Vista is supposed to work though.
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QUOTE :The Front Row remote I don't get at all. The MacBook Pro is a portable machine, having a remote with a portable machine just seems redundant in some way. And easily lost.

- this person has obviously not been on the road doing presentations. You need a remote to be able to do an effective presentation and to not be tethered to the laptop. Yes - other solutions exist, but why not utilize the apple remote? Front Row is just *one* of its functions. Keynote work with the remote now - and other apps can be rewritten to take advantage of this feature.

And let's not forget: when you are on the road you often sleep on hotels. When you do that, you might want to watch some DVD, listen to some music. Then the remote comes out handy!

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