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Bugs & Viruses Tests at Microsoft's Linux lab show that counting the raw number of security updates required by the various operating system flavors is not as meaningful as examining the efficiency of the update process.
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Tom K
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Go back to #linux4kids.

SuSE can play DVDs out of the box? Really? What with DeCSS and all? Right.

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kensai Member since:

errr.... hmmm... arrrr... yep I made a mistake there I weren't going to write dvd in there my fingers were faster than me. With just downloading libdvdcss2-1.2.9-1.i386.rpm thats all? WOW how great is Linux <sarcasm> I didn't even had noticed it without you making me see the light thanks</sarcasm>. Do Windows plays DVD out of the box? Man you should learn a bit about the OS world. POOR guy.

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Tom K Member since:

So in order for Linux, the operating system of freedom fighters and open-ness evangelists everywhere, to play DVDs you have to install something illegal? Works out nicely.

Oh, and insofar as Windows is concerned, all Windows PCs you buy with a DVD drive come with a DVD player package. If you build your own PC, the video card or motherboard usually comes with a DVD player package. Nice try.

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hal2k1 Member since:


You try to play a DVD and if it requires descrabling (and the distro respects American weirdness about the "decss" library and does not include it by default) then Linux will tell you that you need to install "libdvdcss".

Configuration -> Packaging -> Synaptic Software Manager
(enter the root password)
Click the "Search" button.
Type "libdvdcss" & hit enter. This finds the libdvdcss package in the repositories.
Select the libdvdcss package for installation.
Click "Apply".


Now you can play DVDs.

Edited 2006-01-12 09:59

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