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Apple "Today Apple announced the MacBook Pro. It has quite a few changes compared to the previous PowerBook. For one, it uses an Intel Core Duo (formally known as Yonah) chip. This is a dual core processor and no, unlike what Steve Jobs stated, this does not have two processors. This will help a lot with responsiveness. I've been dreaming of a dual core laptop for quite a while. However, the realization of my dream coupled with the changes seen makes me cry", writes Unsanity. UPDATE: Windows XP won't run on the new Intel Macs because of EFI. Vista is supposed to work though.
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"They will be offering a mult boot OS for a discounted price so you get the best of both worlds"

It is quite conceivable. Not that it will make much difference to Linux, because Linux is not a designer brand, so the competition is minimal. The few who care will just run Linux on macs.

Apple is a designer brand. We are essentially talking designer brand marketing. It is a bit like Ralph Lauren moving out from polo shirts into suits, soap and shoes. The trick is to increase the number of people who can use the designer item for their usual purposes instead of the non-designer item.

The problem with OS X is that there are lots of people who cannot or will not use it. But, the same designer item with Windows in it, that they could and would use.

Apple is, after all, a hardware company. Give them a weapon for increased hardware sales, sooner or later they will use it. Intel could well be it.

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