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Bugs & Viruses Tests at Microsoft's Linux lab show that counting the raw number of security updates required by the various operating system flavors is not as meaningful as examining the efficiency of the update process.
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RE: Patching process
by hal2k1 on Thu 12th Jan 2006 10:05 UTC in reply to "Patching process"
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"in debian is as simple as apt-get update but is that what you call intuitive?"

Try this instead then:

Configuration -> Packaging -> Synaptic Software Manager
(enter the root password)
Click toolbar button "Mark All Upgrades"
Click toolbar button "Apply".
(wait for all downloads to complete & packages to install).


{BTW, apt-get update will only refresh your local cached copy of what is contained in the repositories. You actually need to do 'apt-get upgrade' for this same operation on the command line).

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