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Bugs & Viruses Users of Windows who have set the Automatic Updates option to "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them" were surprised to find that the latest WMF patch had overridden these settings and not only installed the patch, but rebooted the machines as well.
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by helf on Thu 12th Jan 2006 15:38 UTC
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poor people ;) Their computers rid themselves of a bad vulnerability and rebooted.. *cries*

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by ArKay on Thu 12th Jan 2006 16:04 in reply to "aaaw..."
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That's very thoughtless. It shouldn't reboot WITHOUT PERMISSION, since the computer might be unattended and doing something important which has to finish.

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by Celerate on Fri 13th Jan 2006 01:34 in reply to "RE: aaaw..."
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I wonder if commercial servers did the same thing, that could be very bad if they weren't intended to simply be rebooted spontaneously like that. Companies do build in redundancy and backup systems, but that doesn't eliminate the possibility of data loss when a machine goes down.

It might be possible to block the built in Windows update feature with a firewall rule though, and then just open up the firewall when you want to check. Given this I'd certainly consider it.

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by ankitmalik on Thu 12th Jan 2006 16:47 in reply to "aaaw..."
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"poor people ;) Their computers rid themselves of a bad vulnerability and rebooted.. *cries* "

no! I think you are changing the topic... the patch is not the problem at all, it is a solution to a problem. but no matter how serious a problem [unless its something to do with aliens ;) ] - it still doesn't give someone sitting in Redmond a right to reboot anyone's PC without EXPLICIT Permission!

of course this has only happened in a few PCs [mountain out of molehill situation] but I am commenting generally that this situation shouldn't happen!

I once saw a video against the Trusted Computing Project and it ended with something like this ... '.. in the process of establishing trust, *they* decided not to trust you !! ' [not the exact words, but somewhat similar]


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RE: aaaw...
by Riddic on Thu 12th Jan 2006 23:02 in reply to "aaaw..."
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poor people ;) Their computers rid themselves of a bad vulnerability and rebooted.. *cries*

If I were an admin running a W2k3 production server system, I would VERY WELL want the system to ask me before it reboots!!
Ever seen a large, complex DB system come down hard? Sure, usually you can recover nicely, but it's extra work you just don't need.

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RE[2]: aaaw...
by raver31 on Fri 13th Jan 2006 06:39 in reply to "RE: aaaw..."
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No, people like him, (and other sheep around here who blindly defend Microsoft, NO MATTER WHAT), would not have seen a DB come down.
In fact they would never have seen a mission critical app, as the only experience they have of "computing" is playing games and running Microsoft Office.

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