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Bugs & Viruses Users of Windows who have set the Automatic Updates option to "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them" were surprised to find that the latest WMF patch had overridden these settings and not only installed the patch, but rebooted the machines as well.
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by Windows Sucks on Thu 12th Jan 2006 17:23 UTC
Windows Sucks
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Wow at this point you can't go two days with out some new MS problem!

First the WHM problem.
Then the Sober Worm. (again!)
Then someone(Not MS)having to make a temp patch.
Then a version of the MS patch leaking.
Then more WHM holes
And now this.

Good lord! LOL!

When will people learn. Why is it that MS supporters as always blame the admin or the user when the so called features says it will only download the files! Yet on my Mac or my Linux or Unix or ANY other OS machine I would not have to worry about that!

When is MS gonna get off the reboot after something is installed process anyway! Thought you didn't have to do that on MS installs??

MAYBE they will fix that on Vista??

Anyway, lets see if we can make it through the rest of the week without another crazy MS story.

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