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Apple "Today Apple announced the MacBook Pro. It has quite a few changes compared to the previous PowerBook. For one, it uses an Intel Core Duo (formally known as Yonah) chip. This is a dual core processor and no, unlike what Steve Jobs stated, this does not have two processors. This will help a lot with responsiveness. I've been dreaming of a dual core laptop for quite a while. However, the realization of my dream coupled with the changes seen makes me cry", writes Unsanity. UPDATE: Windows XP won't run on the new Intel Macs because of EFI. Vista is supposed to work though.
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RE: 32-bit?
by BryanFeeney on Thu 12th Jan 2006 17:30 UTC in reply to "32-bit?"
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Actually they didn't do much work at all on 64-bit. The only 64-bit machines they sold were the iMacs, PowerMacs and XServes: the iBook, PowerBook and MacMini were all 32-bit. Further, most of the OS, particularly in user-space, was 32-bit as well, with the exception of memory addressing and a fast math library.

There's a very good reason for this. Fundamentally, the home user doesn't need 64-bit, which only pays off for high-end maths or apps that need gigabytes of memory like cinema-quality video editing and enterprise level databases.

The only machine you'd use for that kind of stuff is a PowerMac or an XServe, and it's fully expected that by the end of the year (the given time frame) the 64-bit Intel "Conroe" chip will become available and will be used to build these computers.

See this page on Intel's upcoming chips for more:

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