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Bugs & Viruses Users of Windows who have set the Automatic Updates option to "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them" were surprised to find that the latest WMF patch had overridden these settings and not only installed the patch, but rebooted the machines as well.
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RE[4]: Maybe...
by markjensen on Thu 12th Jan 2006 20:31 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Maybe..."
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So, some people claim that it does reboot.
While most others claim it did not for them.

Your conclusion: Those 'reboot' people are liars or idiots that don't know what is going on???

It would be much more reasonable to say that this is possible under certain circumstances, rather than just assume it isn't.

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RE[5]: Maybe...
by Tom K on Thu 12th Jan 2006 22:55 in reply to "RE[4]: Maybe..."
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It would be much more reasonable to say this MIGHT be happening under a few rare circumstances, not the outright "Microsoft Installs Patch Without Permission" headline that makes it seem like a 100%-of-the-time occurance.

Knowing how badly f***ed up some people's Windows boxes are, I wouldn't be surprised if this is doing things to them that it shouldn't.

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RE[6]: Maybe...
by Celerate on Fri 13th Jan 2006 01:16 in reply to "RE[5]: Maybe..."
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Although I wasn't there to witness it myself, a family member complained to me that this happened to her computer. There was a dialogue to postpone the reboot, which was on a countdown, but she decided to get it over with and was around so nothing was lost. The whole thing was described in good detail, I have no doubt that the dialog was going to shut the computer down automatically when the timer expired.

I'd take that family member's word over anyone who thinks that because it didn't happen to them it must be impossible, especially when those people are obvious Windows apologists.

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